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Abseiling (German: abseilen, "to rope down"), or rappelling in American and British English, is the controlled descent down a rope in rock climbing, mountaineering, caving and canyoneering. The technique is used when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or too dangerous to descend without protection.



Mt Wellington offers an 18 metre abseil with spectacular views of Hobart and surrounds. The abseil is suitable for all ages and skill levels, and is located a few minutes' walk from The Springs on the road to the summit.


Located around twenty minutes south of Hobart, this is a picturesque 18 metre abseil over 'The Blowhole'. There is a great rock face to scramble back up, or use our supplied caving ladder. There are fantastic beaches nearby for swimming and games, and an underwater snorkelling 'bushwalk' around ten minutes south. This abseil is suitable for all ages.



Both abseils are priced at $155 per person for a morning of abseiling, with a minimum of two participants needed to book a date. Individual abseilers are welcome to join existing bookings. We operate all year round (weather permitting). No abseiling experience is necessary. We provide all specialist abseiling equipment and instruction. Call us on +61 3 6273 7722 or email to book a trip.



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