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Situated 30 minutes south-west of Hobart, the beautiful Huon Valley is accessible by road yet retains the beauty, charm and heritage of a bygone era. The natural beauty of the area is evident with pristine rivers meandering through valleys bordered by National Parks.


Our Huon Challenge event is a day full of excitement and adrenalin, interspersed with time spent among the natural beauty of the rainforests in the South West World Heritage Area.


Activities can include a thrilling jet boat ride, white water rafting, kayaking, abseiling, mountain biking, cable hang-glide and more.


The day begins with the exhilaration of a shallow white water jet boat ride on the Huon River. From the thrills of 360 degree turns, to the peace and quiet of drifting alongside Huon Pine trees and overhanging vegetation, this is an iea way for a group to see and learn about this udyllic part of Tasmania.


From Huonville we head further down the Channel to the Tahune AirWalk,  swinging bridges and visitor centre. The AirWalk itself is a 20-40 metre high, 597 metre walkway among the treetops. The highlight is the cantilever standing 48 metres above the river level, providing fantastic views of the forests and the junction of the Picton and Huon Rivers.


Following a gourmet BBQ lunch at the nearby Bluestone Hut, the group will experience the adrenalin rush of a 22 metre abseil from the AirWalk, a cable hang-glide through the treetops, downhill mountain biking and white water rafting or kayaking on the Picton River.


While this is a full day program, the range and order of the activities can be customised to suit any group size or time restrictions.

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