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Tasmania is the perfect venue for your next conference. It boasts the convenience of excellent sea and air services from the mainland, yet its environment is unique. Hobart and Launceston are vibrant population centres with facilities as good as or better than those offered by any of the world's best small cities.


Tasmania has everything you need to make your conference or seminar an outstanding success, including accommodation to suit all budgets, sophisticated meeting venues, friendly service, a wide range of excellent activities and off-peak financial incentives. To find out about the many benefits of meeting in Tasmania, please contact Business Events Tasmania.


With Aardvark Adventures' long standing association with corporate Australia, we can offer a range of activities geared to enhance bottom line outcomes, promote team spirit, facilitate distraction-free meetings, and inspire you and your personnel.


We can run a range of activities throughout the day, from 'ice-breaker' warm-ups, to 'energiser' activities designed to refresh conference-goer's minds and bodies. We can also provide a range of pre- and post-conference options, from extreme activities such as abseiling and caving, through to tours of historical areas of Tasmania and local wineries. We can also provide a range of games and pastimes to entertain children of conference-goers.


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