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Our Spy School event is a unique spy-themed program filled with games, challenges and subterfuge. Teams compete against each other in a series of missions involving codes, disguises and gadgets. The overall mission is to gather enough clues, decipher a coded message, and reveal the location of a hidden ‘bomb’.


The group will be arranged into smaller teams of 4-5 people. After a quick briefing, each team will receive a booklet containing a number of tasks to be completed during the event, as well as directions to their first activity location. Each team must arrive at the activity locations on time, complete the activity by locating the required clues, and receive directions to the next location. The booklet will also contain a number of mental challenges, including pictorial quizzes, maths puzzles, photography challenge, and more.


The physical activities themselves will involve constructing a surveillance device and using it to overhear a conversation about the bomb, using night-vision equipment to locate clues, using binoculars from an elevated location to read clues carried by an Aardvark staff member, locating clues using GPS receivers, and more. Once the team have enough clues, they will use their skills to decipher a coded message to reveal the location of the ‘bomb’ and therefore complete the mission.

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