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Team building events are a great way to improve team performance and promote individual self-development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together as a team to solve problems.


We can facilitate a selection of games and activities specifically designed to encourage communication and problem-solving in group settings. These can take place at an indoor or outdoor location, and can fit into any time from from an hour to multi-day exercises.


We begin by allowing the group around 15 minutes to relax and get comfortable with one another. We will provide several simple activities and props such as footballs, hula hoops, giant bubble wands and bubble mix, or similar.


We then facilitate a selection of simple, fun and non-threatening activities which will encourage the group to get to know one another in a safe and controlled environment. These activities involve plenty of fun and laughter, so the event will commence with a positive note.


We will then arrange the group into smaller teams of 3-4 people each who will participate in a range of challenge activities including geeter board races, team games, ball throwing, hula hoops, juggling, plate spinning, mental puzzles and more. We will mix the teams up for some activities to ensure each group member gets a chance to work with every other member. 


At the conclusion of the event we will facilitate a debrief session to ensure your expected results have been achieved. 


The benefits of this activities are:

  • Increased communication between team members,

  • An awareness of the need for teamwork, leading to increased productivity back in the workplace,

  • Time management skills are highlighted as teams are often given a range of challenges to complete within a time frame, and must work out the best order to complete them in time,

  • Decision making skills are highlighted as teams soon become aware if one person is making all the decisions,

  • Increased trust and support for co-workers,

  • Fun!

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