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Our Top Gear program is an exciting and competitive range of team-based activities based on the popular BBC television series of the same name. Participants will explore the lesser-travelled parts of Tasmania while competing with each other in a series of automotive challenges.


Your group will be arranged into smaller teams of 3-4 people. After a quick briefing, each team will be provided with a hired car and a booklet containing a number of tasks to be completed during the event, as well as directions to several locations. Each team must arrive at the locations on time, complete the challenge we've arranged for each location, then head to the next location.


Teams may be required to successfully reverse a vehicle and trailer through a series of obstacles, compete to reach a destination using the least fuel, reach a location using only GPS devices, change a tyre along the way, create a video presentation about their vehicle, and more. Note there are no speed-based challenges in this program – this is not a road race.


Throughout the event, the team will earn extra points by completing as many of the mental challenges from the booklet as possible. These include a scavenger hunt, general knowledge quiz, Historic Tasmania quiz, photo challenge, and more.


This is a great way to see some of the more interesting regions of Tasmania found only by travelling away from the main highways and cities.

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