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White water rafting is an ideal way to experience Tasmania's natural beauty, from the the natural rainforests of the Picton River to the magnificent Derwent Valley and the mighty Mersey River. Sections of fast-flowing rapids will get hearts pumping, while lazier sections encourage water fights and other horseplay.


PICTON RIVER (Click here for a map)

This wild river at the edge of the South West World Heritage area lets you experience the exhilaration of fast-flowing rapids, while enjoying the majestic cool temperate rainforest. The section of the river is graded 2/3 and has several sections of challenging rapids.


MERSEY RIVER (Click here for a map)

The Mersey River offers challenging rapids over a ninety-minute section of water located around 85 kilometres south of Devonport. A great river to raft on the way to Cradle Mountain, the Mersey allows groups to try their hand at steering their own raft down the course. The Mersey River is Hydro-released water, which means it is the most reliable white-water course in the state.


DERWENT RIVER (Click here for a map)

Raft the upper reaches of Hobart's beautiful Derwent River, which winds through the tranquil Derwent Valley.Situated just one hour north of the Hobart CBD, this is an ideal day trip. The rapids are graded 1/2, which means this 9 kilometre rafting expedition is perfect for families or water games.



All our rafting trips are day trips (no multi-day rafting expeditions) and are priced at $155 per person. We operate all year round (weather permitting). While swimming ability is an advantage, it is not necessary. We provide all specialist rafting equipment including wetsuits, helmets and personal floatation devices (lifejackets), and provide digital photographs of the day. Call us on +61 3 6273 7722 or email to book a trip.


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