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The Amazing Race is a multi-activity team-based competition based on the popular BBC television series of the same name.


Your group will be arranged into teams of 4-5 people each, who will compete with each other in a series of mental and physical challenges, all the while racing against time. This is a great social activity, and anyone can participate as no special skill, athletic ability or experience is required. Unlike the original Amazing Race, no-one is eliminated from this event.


The Amazing Race is also an outstanding team-building event, as teams will need to communicate well and work together to get through the Race.


A standard Race generally includes 3-4 physical events (such as mini clown-bike races, abseiling, kayak races, laser tag, or similar) as well as a range of mental challenges, including a scavenger hunt, photography challenge, general knowledge quiz, ‘extreme ironing’ challenge, local history quiz, and much more.

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